For Delaware Representative District 13

Carlucci Coelho for Delaware Representative District 13

“I’ve entered this race because this district needs a fresh voice and a fresh direction based upon the needs of every resident, based upon a diversity of views, and based upon the government serving the needs of people like you and me.”

Representative District 13

13th District, Delaware

I’m Carlucci Coelho and for the past 20 years I’ve dedicated myself to helping the people of Delaware and the region as a leader of arts and non-profit organization fundraising events, as a small business owner, and as a realtor.  The last nine years have been as a resident of District 13.

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My Commitment to my Representative District

I want to be your voice to represent you and support your ideas, fight for the needs of our community as one and earn your respect and devotion to achieve more for District 13. I’m someone who truly cares for the future outcome of our community, look no further and give me your hand, let’s link together like an iron chain.